Park City, Utah, is most famous for snow, skiing, and winter sports. So, it’s really no surprise it was the winter Olympics host city. Or that some of its top searches are for the best views in Park City and hiking trails near Park City Utah. Park City is the ultimate mountain city, with endless options for people who love to hit the slopes, no matter what the season.

But there’s a lot more to Park City than just the views, hiking trails and mountain biking trails. It’s a fantastic destination all year round, so here are some of the best attractions to visit in Park City in every season.

Things to Do in Park City in Fall

As you would imagine from a mountain city, Park City enjoys a spectacular fall. September and October are mild and cool, while October starts to feel a little more like winter. You’ll see the best of the leaves changing color in late September or early October, and they really enhance even the best views in Park City!

But there’s more to Park City than the great outdoors, so here are a few must see and do attractions to be experienced at this time of year.

1 | Serenity Spa, Westgate Park City Resort and Spa | After the long, hot days of summer, and before the chill of winter, there’s no better time to pamper your skin and body! The Serenity Spa at Westgate Park City Resort & Spa is the perfect luxurious place to do that.

Relax and enjoy a yoga class or choose from dozens of massage options to work out all the knots. Choose foot soaks, skin treatments or waxes. There’s even a list of couple treatments, so you can take time out with your significant other. All services are “a la carte” so you can choose exactly what you want from the spa menu.

Where: Westgate Park City Resort & Spa, 3000 Canyons Resort Drive Park City, UT 84098 | Who: 435-655-2266


2 | Explore the Historic Main Street | Park City’s main street still features the facades that it had when it was first founded in the late 1800s. The stores have been modernized and the roads now accommodate cars, but you can still see relics that reflect the history of the city as you stroll by.

Where: Park City Utah Main Street | Who: N/A


3 | Hire a Hot Air Balloon | Taking a hot air balloon ride is an amazing way to see the vibrant, rich colors of fall leaves in the city! Balloon rides are mostly silent, and you’ll float gently at over 1,000 feet as you view the city and the Kamas Valley beyond.

There are several hot air balloon companies operating in or near Park City that can take your party up in the air for a once in a lifetime flight.

Where: Various | Who: N/A

4 | Ghost Tours | Park City has been around for over 150 years, so it’s no surprise that it has some spooky secrets! A Park City ghost tour takes you back in the mining history of the city, and to some of the most interesting and notorious historic buildings.

Where: Park City Ghost Tours, Miner’s Park Main Street, Park City, UT 84060 | Who: 435-615-7673


5 | Fly Fishing | Don’t just see the best views in Park City – visit them too! Park City has some beautiful river scenes, but they’re not just pretty to look at. There’s some great fly fishing to be had in and around Park City.

There are blue-ribbon fly-fishing options, as well as still water options. You can even hire gear if you’re not already “hooked up” for fly fishing – there are even fly fishing lessons available for newbies to the fun.

Where: Various locations and service providers in Park City, Utah | Who: Various

6 | The Farmer’s Market | If you’re in Park City before mid to late October, you can find great local produce, crafts, and products at the Park City Farmer’s Market. It’s held at Park City Mountain Village every Wednesday from noon till 5PM and is a great place for a stroll in the crisp fall air.

Where: Park City Resort in Park City, Utah (Silver King Parking Lot) : Who: N/A


7 | Take a Whiskey Tour! | Even if you’ve never been whiskey tasting, you’ll enjoy the tour at High West Distillery in Wanship. The experience starts with a tour of the distillery facility, followed by a tasting and whiskey education session. Finally, you can enjoy a fantastic lunch in the historic saloon.

Where: 27649 Old Lincoln Hwy, Wanship, UT 84017 | Who: 435-649-8300


8 | Bike the Town | Many people look for mountain biking trails in Park City Utah, and it’s true that there are many great ones in the mountains. But you can also see the town with pedal power! Rent a bike or use your own to explore the city on biking trails or take the Historic Pacific Union Rail Trail to combine cycling and a trip down memory lane.

Where: Various locations, Park City Utah | Who: N/A

9 | Explore the Olympic Park | During the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Park City supported Salt Lake City, providing pristine slopes for several events. The Park still has the bobsled, luge, and other tracks, as well as memorabilia and historical artifacts from that huge event. You can take a tour or, if you visit at the right time, try out some of the tracks.

Where: Utah Olympic Park, 3419 Olympic Parkway, PO Box 980337, Park City, Utah 84098 | Who: 435-658-4200

10 | Play Some Golf | Park City has several great local golf courses, including municipal and championship courses. In fall, there are fifteen different courses to choose from in Park City, which makes it a perfect destination for anyone who loves to take a swing and a stroll around a course surrounded by fall leaves.

Where: Various locations, Park City Utah | Who; N/A

11 | Take a Hike | Fall is one of the best times to visit the best hiking trails near Park City, Utah. It’s not as hot as it is during the summertime, which makes for a more comfortable walk, and of course, there are those beautiful leaves as a backdrop! There are hiking trails for all abilities in and near Park City, and there are even family and stroller friendly options so you can take everyone along!

Where: Various locations, Park City Utah | Who: N/A

12 | Go Mountain Biking | Fall is a great time to hit the mountain bike trails near Park City too, for the same reasons. There are many mountain bike trails near the city, and when the fall rolls around, just before the snow season starts, they’re cooler and much more colorful – and the perfect time to take your bike out on a trail.

Where: Various locations, Park City Utah | Who: N/A


Of course, as a former winter Olympics location, there is no shortage of things to do in Park City in the winter! Here are some of the best!

1 | Go Tubing | If you like your slope activities fun and easy, there’s nothing better than snow tubing! In fact, even very young kids will enjoy the slopes from a tire! So, pick a day, suit up for the weather and hit the slopes.

Where: Woodward Park City, 3863 W Kilby Rd, Park City, UT 84098 | Who: N/A


2 | Hit the Bike Trails | Yes, Park City is known for mountain biking trails. No, they’re not just accessible part of the year.

You can hire fat bikes from several Park City locations and take them out on many of the same trails you enjoy in the spring, summer, and fall.

Where: Various Locations, Park City Utah | Who: N/A

3 | Christmas Shopping on Main Street | Park City’s main street looks like a postcard all year round, but when this historic street is covered in snow, it’s the perfect place to go Christmas shopping!

Where: Park City Utah, Main Street | Who: N/A

4 | Ski Olympic Park | Utah Olympic Park is available for tours for much of the year, but in the winter, you can literally follow the athletes footsteps – sort of. While the more dangerous tracks are off limits, you can ski and snowboard on some of the slopes at the park.

Where: Utah Olympic Park, 3419 Olympic Parkway, PO Box 980337, Park City, Utah 84098 | Who; N/A


5 | Get Painting! | Need an indoor activity for your Park City winter calendar? Why not try painting! The Paint Mixer on historic Main Street offers social painting events. If you snapped some of the best views in Park City, you could even turn them into art to hang on your wall. There are adult classes (with wine) as well as family friendly options.

Where: The Paint Mixer, Main Street, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

6 | Skiing | Of course, Park City has some remarkable ski slopes, so if you just want to spend a day enjoying the powder, you’re spoiled for choice. Rent some skis, take a few lessons if you need them, and then spend the day just enjoying the slopes.

Where: Various resorts and Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

7 | Cross Country Skiing | Want to avoid the busy slopes? No problem! Cross country skiing is another great Park City winter activity you can try. There are over 70 kilometers of trails around the city, and you can hire equipment from the store at the White Pine Touring Nordic Center. There are trails for every skill level too, so whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find the right trail.

Where: White Pine Touring Nordic Center, 2001 Park Ave, Park City, UT 84060 | Who: N/A


8 | Sports, Fitness and Wellness | Park City is a very fit, outdoorsy sort of city, so there are fitness, wellness, and sports facilities throughout the city. Find indoor tennis facilities, a gym or anything else, and take a day off from the cold outside.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

9 | Ride a Dog Sled | Want a unique way to see the snow? How about from the seat of a dog sled? There are single and double dog sleds, so you can go on your own or as a romantic outing. There are also several dog sledding companies in the city, so you have a choice of options.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

10 | Try Snow Mobiling | Many snow activities use people power – but not snowmobiling! You can hire a snow mobile in Park City and take one of the many motor friendly trails. There are snowmobiles for every skill level, and some family friendly options with older kids.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: NA

11 | Kimball Art Center | Need a no snow day? Visit the Kimball Art Center to see local art and take a class! It’s a fun family activity that even small children will enjoy, and it’ll keep you indoors on chillier days.

Where: Kimball Art Center, 1251 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT 84060 | Who: N/A


12 | Sundance! | Every January, Park City hosts the world-famous Sundance Film Festival. If you can get a ticket, this is a fantastic thing to do!

Where: Sundance Resort, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A


When the snow starts to melt, Park City transforms from a winter wonderland to a green paradise. Here are some things you need to try in Park City this spring.

1 | Hit the Slopes | Yup, even if you visit Park City in March or April, you can still go skiing! The high mountain slopes near Park City still have snow in early spring, so although it’s warmer out, you can still go skiing and snowboarding.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

2 | Après Ski Night Life | Spring is a great time to visit the bars and lounges near the ski slopes to find out what après ski is really supposed to be like. Even though there’s snow, it’s warm enough to enjoy a cocktail or two on the outdoor decks of bars and restaurants near the slopes.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

3 | Try Winter Fly Fishing | Yes, technically it’s spring, but early in the season, the ice melts enough to let you fish while there’s still snow on the banks.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

4 | Go Pub Crawling | Historic Main Street has several pubs, bars and restaurants, and a fantastic buzz. Spring is a great time to go for a pub crawl down the street, sampling local nightlife and meeting the locals.

Where: Historic Main Street, Park City, Utah : Who: N/A


5 | Get Some Culture | Park City has a long history, and it’s well preserved in various museums and art galleries throughout the city. Take a day and explore some of them.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

6 | Dine | Park City has some fantastic restaurants, and there’s no better way to enjoy your après ski moments than enjoying one of the fantastic meals on offer.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who; N/A

7 | Visit Olympic Park | Olympic Park is a year-round attraction in Park City, so if you visit in the spring, you’ll still find lots of fun and fascinating things to do.

Where: Utah Olympic Park, 3419 Olympic Parkway, PO Box 980337, Park City, Utah 84098 | Who: N/A

8 | Take in a Concert | Park City regularly hosts big name acts, and if you’re visiting in spring, there’s a good time you’ll find an outdoor concert to attend.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who; N/A

9 | City Events | Park City runs all kinds of events in the spring. There are concerts, festivals and plays, guided gallery strolls and more. You can visit the City event calendar to find out what’s happening when you visit.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who; N/A

10 | A Spring Hike | Springtime is a great time to explore the famous hiking trails near Park City, Utah. It’s cooler, so you won’t get as hot, and with the buds and flowers just starting to appear, it’s a great time to see the best views in Park City.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

11 | Take a Barn Tour | Spring is when things really happen on farms, and a barn tour at Heber Valley Artisan cheese is a great way to see it firsthand. A great family activity, and don’t forget to stock up on cheese!

Where: 920 River Rd, Midway, UT 84049, United States | Who: N/A


12 | Explore City Parks | Spring is the perfect time to visit the parks in Park City, Utah. Flowers are just starting to bloom, the grass is green, and it’s a great time for a stroll! There are many options, including Old Town Neighborhood Park, Creekside Park and Prospector Park. Pack a picnic and make a day of it!

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A


Summer in Park City is a glorious time. It’s warm, the sun beats down, and there are tons of activities on offer. Here are some of the best.

1 | Go Fly Fishing | Fly fishing is a year-round attraction in Park City, but it’s warm and perfect in summer. Combine it with a camping trip and take in some of the best views in Park City right from your campsite!

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

2 | Golf | The fifteen golf courses in Park City really become a golfer’s paradise in the summer. Be sure to dress for the weather though – it gets really warm!

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

3 | Horseback Riding | There’s no better way to see the trails around Park City than from the back of the very first all-terrain mode of transportation! Horse riding companies offer tours along all the best trails in Park City and beyond, and there are horses and guides for people of all skill levels.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

4 | Hot Air Balloon Rides | Summer is another great time to see Park City by balloon! Clear skies as you float above the city guarantee some of the best, once in a lifetime view of Park City from above!

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

5 | Waterparks | When it gets hot in Park City, there’s no better place to cool off than a waterpark! Choose between several in and near Park City or nearby, including Island Aqua Park and Cowabunga Park. It’s a great, family friendly day out!

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

6 | Luge! | Park City Alpine Slide is a luge style slide track that is the best way to see the mountains in the summer! There are multiple 3,000-foot slides to enjoy, and it’ll definitely get the blood pumping!

Where: Park City Alpine Slide, 1345 Lowell Ave, Park City, UT 84060, United States | Who: N/A


7 | Roller Coasters! | The Park City Alpine Coaster is the largest roller coaster in Utah. It’s not a very high roller coaster, but instead, it winds through miles of mountain scenery. Anyone over 54” tall can ride too, so you can take older kids along for the ride!

Where: Park City Mountain Village, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A


8 | Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding | If you’ve always wanted to try SUP, why not do it while enjoying the best views in Park City! You can rent a board from Park City SUP and enjoy the Deer Valley ponds in a new way.

Where: Deer Valley, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A


9 | Hit the Trails | There’s no better time of year than summer to see Park City hiking trails. Try the Armstrong Trail from the Silver Star Café and see the best views in Park City the way they were meant to be seen – from a hiking trail!

Where: Armstrong Trail, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A


10 | Take the Zipline | In the summer, there’s a zipline at Utah Olympic Park. It’s a great way to get new perspective on the park and beyond as you whiz along above the ground!

Where: Utah Olympic Park, 3419 Olympic Parkway, PO Box 980337, Park City, Utah 84098 | Who: N/A


11 | Rafting and Tubing | Park City has several great ways to explore the waterways. Try rafting or tubing on the Weber River or the Provo River. There are tubes, rafts and kayaks for hire, and several companies that offer training and guided river tours.

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

12 | Take a Jet Ski | If paddling is not your thing, hire a jet ski to see the Park City waterways at high speed. There are one and two person options, and rentals come with a trailer.

Where: Wasatch Excursions, 918 Cascade Springs Dr, Midway, UT 84049 | Who: N/A


13 | Patio Dining | When summer rolls around, you should be eating all your meals in Park City outdoors! There are many great eateries to explore, and when you enjoy your meal outdoors, you get to enjoy the weather and the scenery too!

Where: Various Locations, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A

14 | Park Silly Sunday Market | In the summer, you’ll find the Park Silly Sunday Market right on historic Main Street. Shop for produce, chat to locals and enjoy tasty snacks.

Where: Main Street, Park City, Utah | Who: N/A


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Last Tips on Things to do in Park City All Year Round!

Park City is truly one of those vacation spots which is ideal to visit no matter the time of year. From Summer to fall, winter to spring, there’s never a shortage of things to do or adventures to enjoy. Now that we’ve broken our top picks, choose your favorites and feel free to browse our Travel Blog for even more great ideas!