Travel Tips

5 Ways To Travel Boldly

As the world opens up again, so do unlimited possibilities. There’s nothing quite like the tingle of excitement you get at the start of every vacation. As you seize your moment and jump back into travel, here are five ways to travel boldly and embrace the adventure.

1. Make Connections

Traveling is a great reminder that the world is a friendly place, full of warmth and kindness. Open yourself up to the possibility of making a connection with new friends and new places. But most importantly, take time to connect with the ones you love most and own the moment.

2. Absorb History & Culture
One of the best parts about travel is that you can see, do, and learn new things. Visit Ellis Island in New York City and read the names of all who passed through its gates, or stroll Colonial Williamsburg and see how 18th-century Americans lived. Each place has its own story to tell.
3. Talk To The Locals

No one knows the best place to get an authentic taco in San Antonio or fresh catch in Destin like the locals. Chances are you’ll find one of your favorite dishes where you least expect it, and maybe you’ll even make a new friend or two while you’re at it.

4. Explore The Undiscovered

Discover what lies untouched and undiscovered. Ask your travel advisor or resort concierge to recommend something a little different — maybe there is a remote beach, quiet cafe, or lesser-known museum full of interesting treasures nearby. Find your moment away from the crowds.

5. Step Out The Comfort Zone

Are your vacations typically filled with lazy, sun-soaked beach days? Swap tan lines for thrilling adventures in a national park. Or savor the stunning fall foliage in a scenic road trip through the mountains. Challenge yourself to try something new and make every moment count.

Unleash Your Boldest Travel Plans

Make up for lost time and explore like never before. Own the moment and travel boldly. Here’s how to unleash your boldest travel plans yet:

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    Make every moment count. And have a whole lot of fun along the way.

    Travel boldly. Own the moment.