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Travel Tips

Dreaming of a summer spent in Paris? Or backpacking across Switzerland? When dreaming of your perfect vacation, it can be hard to know where to start.

Supercharge your vacation planning and decide where to go next with vision boards – a tool designed to discover and focus on your deepest desires. Quite simply, a travel vision board is a collection of photos, quotes and anything else that represents your vacation aspirations. Vision boards are also excellent for indulging in wanderlust while creating a visual representation of your travel dreams, inspiring you to make them a reality.

Here, we’re covering the basics of vacation vision board creation in two mediums: physical and digital. Whether you choose an old-school poster board covered in magazine clippings or a travel-themed Pinterest board, use this guide to start planning your dream vacation.

Physical Vision Boards

You might remember thumbing through copies of your favorite magazine years ago, clipping out photos of dreamy tropical islands, pasting them into a collage and showcasing it somewhere as a source of inspiration. Today, creating a physical vision board is still a great way to get your dreams out into the universe.

On top of that, this creative effort comes with tangible rewards. A goal-setting study at Californias Dominican University found that you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you simply write them down. Vision boarding is a creative, visual way to put your goals on paper and inspire future travels.



Ready to get started on your vacation vision board? You’ll need a few tools first: a poster or corkboard, scissors, tape, pushpins, glue sticks, magazines, maps and old photos you don’t mind cutting up. If the whole family is participating, get a board for each person.

F or supplies, shop at craft stores, use photos of past trips, request maps from tourism bureaus or print out a few images from the web. Are your old scrapbooking supplies gathering dust? Repurpose the pretty paper and themed stickers as vision board accents.


Fill your board with photos that remind you of places you’re eager to explore or ready to revisit. And while you should showcase the things you want to do, also focus on how you want to feel. Add images that inspire and delight you, or keep it simple with pictures and words that make you smile.

When building your board, go big with a wall-mountable option, or create small, stashable ones in your planner or notebook for portable inspiration. Whatever you do, don’t hide your vision board away. Consistency is key to achieving your travel goals: the more you see your board, the more you’ll seek to manifest what you’ve showcased. It also serves as a reminder to save money for your dream trip and an inspiration to book flights when a deal comes up.

Digital Vision Boards

Whether you live a Marie Kondo clutter-free life or are just always on the go, a digital vision board is a great alternative to a physical one. Plus, you can take it with you when you’re traveling, referencing it for itinerary ideas and inspiration.


Pinterest is the online go-to for trip planning, and the site is essentially one big vision board: a virtual collection of themed boards you can pin to and from. Create a board for each destination on your bucket list and gather photos, packing lists, guides to local customs, maps, inspirational quotes and important foreign phrases. Many destinations are the same year to year, making these boards a great way to gather ideas no matter when you plan to travel.

Take your favorite photos and top destination ideas to create an overall vacation vision board tailored to achieving your travel dreams. Make it big and aspirational, with lifelong goals to inspire you for years. Then, return to your bucket list board to check off what you’ve accomplished.

Traveling with a buddy? Create a shared Pinterest account where you can both pin ideas for your trip.


Pinterest isn’t the only platform for sharing. Instagram and Tumblr are visually focused, too, and searching hashtags is a great way to fill out your vision board. You can even repost favorites (with permission) to add accountability to your travel goals. Online Facebook groups like Girls Love Travel are great for sourcing ideas and connecting with other avid travelers. These communities offer like-minded friendships, as well as a place to find inspiration and share all kinds of travel experiences. Win-win.

When it comes to travel planning, vision boards are your ticket to making your dreams a reality. Whether you rescue magazines from the recycling pile or build a board online, be the captain of your ship and use your vision board to set sail on your next trip. Find your independence, give your mental health a boost and hold yourself responsible for achieving your goals – all through the power of visualization.