Story originally appeared on Westgate Resorts.

Timeshare Adventures

While planning your next vacation and trying to figure out a good balance of activities that don’t break the budget, make sure to consider all of the benefits that staying at an all-inclusive resort can provide. Did you know there are weekly/daily/hourly activities going on at our family of Westgate Resorts?

There are plenty of activities designed to accommodate different ages and group sizes at little to no cost. These are definitely the perks of staying at a resort, along with the luxury of not having to wander far from your room!


1. Food

We all know one of the greatest parts of any vacation is eating food without having to worry about doing the dishes! When it’s mouthwatering, delectable food then it can easily be a vacation highlight! There are so many amazingly scrumptious restaurants located on the property, such as Southern Comfort (at our Smoky Mountain resort) and Edge Steakhouse at Westgate Park City Resort & Spa, that will have you going back for seconds without having to worry about driving home later on a full stomach.

2. The Great Outdoors

It’s high time everyone spends a bit more time outdoors appreciating the fresh air and awesome can-only-be-enjoyed-outside activities! Get in touch with nature while mixing it up alongside technology on any of the stunning hiking trails in Gatlinburg with a bit of geocaching to find treasure in them mountains! Or, if you prefer a more open space, spend a day venturing out to the white sands of Myrtle Beach and listening to those waves roll in while letting the salty water’s restorative powers wash all your stress back out to sea. Or check out other Myrtle Beach attractions for families! Perhaps you can even find your inner cowboy or cowgirl with our River Ranch activities at our authentic dude ranch in Central Florida. The possibilities are endless!

3. Adventure

Soak up some sun and excitement while paddle boarding or beachcombing in Orlando, play your best round of golf in Arizona, zipline in Gatlinburg, or swamp buggy/airboat/horseback ride at River Ranch. It’s easy to keep it moving with an exciting adventure around every corner!

4. Swim Time

Florida is where all the best beaches are and you know swimming through the historic surf culture at Cocoa Beach is on everyone’s must-do list. While you’re taking a rest between theme park visits in the Orlando area, go for a ride down one, or all, of the slides at Shipwreck Island Water Park. You can even swim year-round in Park City as some of the pools are inside, some are outside, and some are inside-outside, which really is as cool, or warm, as it sounds. Come and try it out for yourself!

5. Calisthenics

Or more commonly known as Exercise. Get that muscle-building, calorie-burning body moving without paying unnecessary gym fees. Westgate Resorts offer exercise rooms at our properties to help you feel more comfortable with taking time away from home while still enjoying some of your normal routines. You can also track all those steps you’re taking while the car stays parked, and burn calories walking your way to the next fun activity!

6. Personal Space

Yup, we have a room set aside just for YOU to enjoy your own personal space to relax and unwind while letting someone else change the sheets. All of Westgate’s rooms offer plenty of private space to watch your own shows, cook your own food, read a book on the balcony, or finally practice your slick dance moves with nobody watching!

7. Kid Time/Adult Time

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend a little adult time separate from the kids. Luckily, there’s nothing to feel guilty about when dropping them off at the Activity Center while you go partake of the luxuries a spa can offer. The kids will be so busy playing games, painting works of art, and making new friends that they won’t even notice you’re gone.

8. Entertainment

Regardless of which resort you visit, they are all located in prime areas with plenty to see, both off and on the property. There are spectacular Las Vegas shows and entertainment at our Westgate Las Vegas property year-round! We also have our own private and FREE movie theaters on-site at the Palace and Town Center Resorts in Orlando. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, we have the entertainment that’s just right for you!

9. Quality Family Time

Ahh memories. Aren’t the best ones with those you love while doing something enjoyable together? Every resort is designed to promote a wonderful vacation experience, perhaps by watching the sunset on your balcony or taking advantage of our event spaces to host a family gathering, birthday bash, wedding, or your own private dance competition!

10. WestgateCARES

We work hard to ensure that your stay at any of your favorite vacation destinations with Westgate Resorts provides the highest level of service excellence combined with industry leading health and safety measures. Check-out our safety information posted around the resort and learn more about how to make your vacation the safest and best experience you’ve had in years or at least since your last visit!

Remember, each Westgate property has its own unique amenities and activities, so choose from our resort destinations when reserving your next stay. With all those value-adding activity bonuses available at your next stay, you’ll want to be sure to fit those extra hours of fun and relaxation time into your impressive itinerary!