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If you travel to the ocean often, you may think you know all of the best boardwalks on the East Coast. A stroll down the boardwalk in your favorite beach town can be exciting and relaxing at the same time. Why not head to your favorite boardwalk this year and make new memories? Weve compiled a list of our favorite boardwalks on the East Coast for your next ocean-side vacation, including places to stay , timeshare style.

Best Boardwalks in the US

The East Coast offers a few of the best boardwalks in the US for you and your family. If youre competitive, hungry and a little romantic, the best boardwalks on the East Coast are where you might want to consider using your paid time off. With music in Myrtle Beach to top-rated food in Maryland, the coast does not disappoint.

1. Ocean City, Maryland

Named by The Travel Channel as number one of the top five boardwalks in America, this gorgeous beach town is full of fun. A picturesque scene of couples riding bicycles down the boardwalk is not out of reach here. And for the kids, Trimpers Rides has hosted amusement style rides at the end of the walk for decades. Not to mention, if you’re looking for all things covered in Old Bay, there is no better place than Ocean City. This boardwalk offers an exciting stroll full of various food and fun amusements.

There are kids activities and arcade-style games dotted along the boardwalk, including basketball, whack-a-mole and a carousel. Additionally, there is no shortage of opportunities to shop and collect those coveted I love Ocean City t-shirts. During spring break, thousands of students and families head to this beach for time in the sun. If you’re considering taking a trip to Ocean City, consider renting or buying a timeshare to make the most of the experience. Timeshare amenities are second to none and will make you feel relaxed during your week at the beach. With timeshare, there’s enough space for everyone to have peace and quiet.

Best Restaurant at Ocean City Boardwalk

Harrison’s Harbor Watch Restaurant is great for families and couples with a great variety of seafood. The best place to find Maryland crab is in Maryland, of course. The views of the beach make this locations atmosphere dreamy and relaxing. If you’re looking for serious seafood and a fun dining experience, Harbor Watch is recommended by many TripAdvisor members who have experienced it first hand.

2. Virginia Beach, Virginia

First built in 1888, this wooden plank promenade stretches three miles from 2nd to 40th Street. No matter if it’s day or night, Virginia Beach has tons to do. Beach Street USA is a festival that takes place here beginning in mid-June and ending in September. You’ll find entertainment, fireworks, and delicious food along Atlantic Avenue. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the 70-foot-tall King Neptune statue.

If you love history, consider checking out the Virginia Legends Walk that commemorates Virginians who impacted the nation and the world. The gorgeously landscaped walkway pays tribute to figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Ella Fitzgerald and Edgar Allen Poe to name a few. For even more historical sights, visit the Surf & Rescue Museum. This museum displays over 1,000 artifacts and photographs from World War II, Virginia shipwrecks and the history of the U.S. Life-Saving and Coast Guard services.

Best Restaurant at Virginia Beach Boardwalk

One of the best things about beach and boardwalk towns is undoubtedly the food. Chix Seaside Grille and Bar has been serving the Virginia Beach boardwalk for 40 years. With direct ocean views, it’s no wonder this delicious local spot is a go-to for the visitors of Virginia Beach. If you love crab, the crab-cake sandwich here is worth writing home about. And if seafood isn’t your favorite, the burgers at Chix are savory, too.

3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The boardwalk in Myrtle Beach truly has something for everyone. Whether you love country music, Ferris Wheels or fireworks, this boardwalk will not let you down! If you’re not afraid of heights, check out the Sky Wheel for the best view of the beach.

For those who frequent Myrtle Beach, the Grand Strand is a part of their everyday vocabulary. Myrtle Beach’s boardwalk is known for great music all summer long. If live music is an essential part of vacation for you, check out the best live music in Myrtle Beach .

What’s more, fireworks displays are not uncommon here, so kids and parents alike can feel a sense of wonder when the fireworks light up the sky. And, if you’re in the mood for seafood, the Seafood Festival that takes place annually in the fall brings vendors to the streets to serve delicious varieties. Additionally, if country music is something you long for, the Carolina Country Music Fest happens in July in this lively beach town, bringing some of the best country stars to the beach.

Best Restaurant on Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

If you love oysters, Dirty Don’s Oyster Bar and Grill is a great eatery on the Myrtle Beach boardwalk. The food here has often been described as delicious and the staff is ready to accommodate all your needs in a friendly and quick manner. Like most of the best restaurants on the boardwalks, the view here is picture-worthy.

4. Daytona Beach, Florida

There can’t be a complete list of the best boardwalks on the East Coast without a mention of Florida. Did you know Daytona Beach was named the World’s Most Famous Beach?

This often visited pier has activities awaiting you and your loved ones when you’re ready for a beach day. Fishing off the pier is a great experience for the fishing fanatics in your group. The plethora of fish here include snook, bluefish, cobia and even flounder, depending on the day you cast your reel. If fishing isn’t really your favorite experience but you love seafood, Daytona Beach boardwalk definitely delivers. Vacation is a great time to treat yourself and your loved ones. Luckily, Daytona Beach has many unique little shops for shopping and retail therapy. Spend your time at the shops looking for the perfect souvenir to commemorate your time at the beach.

Best Restaurant at Daytona Beach Boardwalk

Joe’s Crab Shack takes the cake for being one of the best restaurants near Daytonas boardwalk. With primary real estate right atop the Atlantic, this seaside bar is perfect for seafood lovers. If you’re interested in a roof-top bar experience, Joes has that, too, with their bar perfectly named, The Roof. Joe’s Crab Shack is a tradition for many families and friends who visit Daytona each year. Consider making Daytona Beach your annual destination by renting or buying a timeshare there.