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Get ready to take your tastebuds on an excursion in one of New York City’s most historic neighborhoods. If your desire is to dine on authentic cuisine and venture into traditional recipes, Chinatown NYC needs to be on your itinerary. The Big Apple is home to iconic eats, fun things to do in New York City and the famous Central Park NYC. Chinatown is definitely among one of the top things to do and see while visiting the city.

Chinatown NYC Restaurants

Locals have their favorite Chinatown restaurants, and visitors would be wise to go where the NYC locals go. These 10 restaurants will surely satisfy your craving for a flavorful feast.

1 | Green Garden Village | For Cantonese cuisine it is difficult to top the offerings at Green Garden Village. Although the dim sum is a highlight, other dishes like beef chow fun and the seafood selections really shine. The salt and pepper squid should not be overlooked, and the dried shrimp and scallop rice roll, as well as the steamed king crab are hits. Here at Green Garden Village you can bring your own bottle to toast your delicious meal in Chinatown NYC.

WHERE: 216 Grand St New York, NY 10013 | WHO: 646-912-9136


2 | PhoBar | This Chinatown restaurant gets points just for its creative name alone. While PhoBar is ever so slightly less traditional than other Chinatown restaurants, its approachable flavors are a hit among locals and visitors alike. As you can imagine, Vietnamese pho is a staple of the menu. Shrimp rolls and summer rolls are also highlights, and don’t forget to finish your meal with some Vietnamese coffee. One important note, this restaurant is cash only.

WHERE: 43 Mott St. New York, NY 10013 | WHO: 212-267-5400


3 | Wah Fung Fast Food | Although it does not offer a true dine-in experience, Wah Fung Fast Food is a must-do if you want decadent, delicious roasted meat. Grab a sweet roast pork over rice or combination with roast duck and find a scenic spot in Chinatown to sit and enjoy. Arrive early because locals know this is the place to go for quick and casual fare that is oh so tantalizing. Important note, the eatery only accepts cash.

WHERE: 79 Chrystie St New York, NY 10002 | WHO: 212-925-5175


4 | Spicy Village | Get ready for rich flavors and authentic style at Spicy Village. This Chinatown favorite is known for its hand-pulled noodles. If you’re not familiar with hand-pulled noodles, the handmade preparation often produces a silky, springy texture. No visit to Spicy Village is complete without dining on the restaurant’s big tray chicken. You can devour a variety of savory dishes here, and if richness is what you crave, turn to the lamb noodles or beef brisket.

WHERE: 68 Forsyth St Ste B New York, NY 10002 | WHO: 212-625-8299


5 | Bo Ky | Enjoy the flavors of Teochew, which is a Chinese style of cuisine influenced by Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. Like so many great restaurants in Chinatown, Bo Ky is no frills, just authentic food. The country style duck is the star of the menu. A variety of noodle soups are perfect for a chilly New York City day. Don’t overlook the curry dishes, either.

WHERE: 80 Bayard St New York, NY 10013 | WHO: 212-406-2292