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As Valentine’s Day approaches, love is in the air — self-love, that is. More and more men and women are making their personal health and wellness a top priority. A recent survey found that more than three-quarters of individuals believe wellness is more important than ever before. Enter wellness vacations.


Whether you’re diving into a new city or spending quiet moments surrounded by nature, wellness vacations offer an opportunity to recharge.

These eight Valentine’s Day trip ideas – each home to a relaxing Hilton Grand Vacations Club – offer all that you need in a wellness centric vacation, whether you’re traveling solo or as a pair.

1. Colorado

Stunning Colorado panorama of lake with Rocky Mountains in the distance, Colorado.

If you’re the type of traveler who needs a fresh breath of Colorado mountain air to clear your mind, energize your body and tune your soul to nature’s rhythms consider Valdoro Mountain Lodge, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club. This Rocky Mountains hideaway offers a retreat from the stresses of daily life where you spend your days as you please.

Ski the slopes, discover wildlife or curl up beside the fire and soak up the snowcaps in the distance.

A visit to the spa will only elevate your experience. Envision warm candles setting the mood for hot stone massages, soothing body treatments and an exceptional level of well-deserved pampering.

Woman soaking in hot springs at The Bay Forest Odawara, a Hilton Club, Japan.

2. Japan

There’s much to learn about wellness from the Land of the Rising Sun. For example, samurais and shoguns bathed in the hot springs for their magical healing properties, and modern-day men and women sip Japanese green tea to reap the health benefits.

If your wellness journey leads you to Japan, consider at stay at The Bay Forest Odawara, a Hilton Club. Unlock the value of meditation and intuition with a visit brimming with Zen.

Wade into the waters of the steamy onsens (Japanese for “hot springs”) and let these secluded pools wash your worries away.

3. New York City

Woman walking along picturesque bridge in Central Park, New York, New York.

No matter how many times you’ve been to New York City, there’s always something new to see, do, taste and experience. The electric energy can be contagious and open your eyes to endless possibilities. And, yet the fast pace of the concrete jungle offers a moment to reflect on what truly matters in life: prioritizing yourself.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to spoil yourself and settle into the heart of midtown Manhattan at one of Hilton Grand Vacations’ New York timeshares. Shop Fifth Avenue, catch a show on Broadway and stroll through Central Park for an ideal mix of retail therapy, culture and connection with nature.

Stunning image of wine, fruit and cheese presentation with rolling hills and sunset in the distance, Tuscany, Italy.

4. Italy

If you consider food to be a love language, then Italy will shower you with amore. Italy is a feast for the senses: savor its history, culture and landscape in every bite of phenomenal cuisine.

Borgo alle Vigne, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, will put you under the spell of Selvatelle. This resort in Tuscany puts you in proximity to various culinary experiences to sample the hillside’s bounty. Check with the concierge to schedule an olive oil farm, cheese-making or vineyards tour, or consider an intimate Tuscan cooking class, learning how to prepare homestyle meals from local ingredients.

What better souvenir to bring home than the skills to prepare an Italian meal in your kitchen? Or better yet, plan to put your new skills to use in your fully equipped in-suite kitchen.

5. Hawaii

Aerial view of couple enjoying a gorgeous beach, Maui, Hawaii.

A trip to the unbelievable islands of Hawaii is the definition of a well-deserved vacation for many travelers. While we’re eager to say e komo mai (welcome home) at one of our ten stunning resorts, in Hawaii, we have another word for your wellness quest: malama.

Earn your giver’s high on a malama vacation, one that shows the land the same love it shows you. Mindful volunteerism like participating in a beach cleanup or removing invasive species from the land preserves the ecosystem of the islands while strengthening your connection to Mother Earth.

Top off your day of giving back by treating yourself with a spa treatment for the ultimate wellness experience.

Beautiful image of Lake Mohave with purple painted skies overhead, Nevada.

6. Las Vegas

When you think of romance and Sin City, do you picture an Elvis impersonator pronouncing partners husband and wife? There’s no shame in a planned — or impromptu — wedding on the Strip, but this Valentine’s Day destination isn’t just a dreamy getaway for couples.

Mindfulness is all about being in the moment and Hilton Grand Vacations’ Las Vegas resorts will keep your focus on the here and now. Exciting live performances, fascinating museums, world-renowned cuisine and landmark attractions fill this desert paradise. When you’re standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon or being serenaded in the front row by your favorite singer, your mind will be miles away from worry.

7. Utah

Striking image of hiker walking along the inside of natural red arches, Utah.

Utah’s beauty is almost too striking for words. From the Eden-like landscape of Zion National Park to Arches National Park’s high desert sandstone formations that feel otherworldly, Utah is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise.

The state is home to five incredible national parks and dozens of other natural wonders to explore in any way imaginable. Hiking or mountain biking through Bryce Canyon National Park’s red rock cliffs is a workout that’ll leave your cheeks as crimson-colored as the hoodoos.

There’s no doubt that you’ll break a sweat discovering Utah’s best vistas, but your body will thank you for this wondrous workout, and when the day is done you can rest your head at Sunrise Lodge, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

Aerial shot of Carlsbad coastline with beautiful wild flower-lined cliffs, Carlsbad, California.

8. California

California is a dream destination in more ways than one. Few other places in the country offer you the opportunity to fall in love with the beach, the mountains, the desert and the forest. Southern California is a coveted place in itself and a dramatic golden Pacific coastline, endless sunshine, and a lifestyle like no other await you at MarBrisa, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

Swaying with the palm trees in the quaint seaside village of Carlsbad, MarBrisa is the ideal place for you to dive into a good book. When you’re not thumbing through pages on the beach or lounging poolside, spend an evening sipping lush Californian wine at an on-site wine and paint event or rise with the sun for a morning hike.

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