Story originally appeared on Marriott Vacation Club.

Timeshare Adventures

Explore the Orlando area’s many beautiful waterways and take in some of Old Florida’s best nature and wildlife aboard a scenic kayak tour.

From gliding along spring-fed waters to floating past beautiful, historic houses along chains of charming lakes, to even witnessing the nighttime glow of millions of bioluminescent fish and organisms, Orlando and the Central Florida area offer awesome kayaking adventures for any nature lover.

Kayaking in clear, see-through kayaks takes this already intimate experience to the next level; and with multiple tour options in the area clear and otherwise there’s a perfect kayaking tour to be found for anyone’s tastes.


Rock Springs

Relax and take in the sights on this winding run, gliding through spring-fed waters. The Rock Springs adventure features a beginner-to-intermediate upstream paddle, followed by a relaxing drift back to the starting site. Be surrounded by natural Florida ecosystems where you may encounter native turtles, birds, fish, otters, deer, alligators, and more. There are even several areas where participants can choose to take a quick, refreshing swim.

Winter Park

Hear the peaceful lapping of the water against the seawall as you float down intimate Venetian-style canals, exploring a chain of nearby Winter Parks most beautiful lakes. Whether via sunset or daytime paddle, you’ll glide by extravagant, historic homes along the canals, then take in the views of the area’s scenic lakes, with plenty of local wildlife along the way.

Bioluminescent Kayaking

Experience a truly extraordinary kayaking adventure as millions of tiny bioluminescent microorganisms light up the nighttime waters for you to see. This phenomenon is found few places on Earth and being able to see it so up-close is a rare treat. This tour is made even more special by experiencing it via clear kayak allowing you to see the fish, organisms and illuminated waters everywhere you look even directly below you.

The waters are literally glowing, coming alive with vibrant neon bioluminescent colors that respond to every row of your oar, or even as you run your fingers through the water. What’s more, the area is home to manatee and dolphin populations which often make appearances.

This unforgettable tour (generally running June through October) can fill up quickly, and takes place in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, a little over an hour’s drive from your resort.