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Planning a vacation? You’re probably looking for that unbeatable combo: plenty of space, access to a pool (or better yet, a beach), a reasonable price, and most of all, peace of mind.

Instead, you’re probably finding cramped hotel rooms, untrustworthy vacation rentals, and insanely jacked up prices. But there is another option that doesn’t require compromises: renting a timeshare.

Staying in a timeshare unit gets you instant access to the best parts of a world-class resort that pool, that beach, plus maybe a restaurant and swim-up bar with the space and amenities of condo, such as kitchens and washer-dryers. And you can get one at a price that’s way below what you’ll find elsewhere.

Curious? Read on to learn why timeshare rentals are a better option than either traditional resorts or vacation rentals and to clear up any misconceptions you may have about them.

Here a few reasons why booking a timeshare on KOALA ensures an awesome vacation:

They’re Crazy Affordable.

We’re talking as much as 70% less than what you’d pay for the same or similar resort on sites like Expedia. Why? Because you’re renting directly from the person who owns the timeshare, and they’re usually just looking to cover their annual fees and other costs when they can’t use it themselves.

They’ve Got Tons of Space.

You probably appreciate vacation rentals because they give you room to spread out, cook, and entertain. Timeshares offer that, too plus the prime location you’d expect from a resort. They’re especially well-suited for families: The kids can have their own room (or rooms), you can use the kitchen to make breakfast and prepare sandwiches for lunch, and then you can send them down to the lazy river while you head to the spa.

You Can Feel Confident Booking Them.

Ever find a place that looks ideal on Airbnb or Vrbo but worry that it’s not going to be what you expected? We call that vacatfishing, and its precisely what doesn’t happen with timeshare resorts. Reception desks, security, housekeeping, and resort staff are all on hand to ensure a flawless stay. Better still, every listing on KOALA is verified with the resort, so you can actually relax while booking a vacation and while taking it.

Now we know you may have a few concerns about timeshares, so let’s clear up a few misconceptions:


Timeshares are strictly located on the beach.

Los Abrigados, Sedona, Arizona


There’s a prime resort pretty much everywhere you want to go on vacation. Ski meccas like Park ? Yup, and right on the slopes, too. Major cities like New York, Austin, and San Francisco? Right this . Prefer desert vibes? Check out Sedona. Still need a beach hit? We got those, too in Puerto Vallarta, Aruba, Hawaii, and plenty more!


Timeshare properties are outdated.

La Pacifica Los Cabos by Hilton Grand Vacations


Major brands like Marriott, Wyndham, and Hilton are major players in the space, meaning you can rent directly from an owner while staying with a brand you trust. And the properties are modern, professionally run, and stunningly designed. Check out West 57th Street by Hilton Club in New York City, the new La Pacifica Los Cabos by Hilton Grand Vacations in Mexico, and Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas in Palm Springs.

Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas


You’ll have to attend a sales presentation.


Nope! You are not required to attend a timeshare presentation if you’re renting on KOALA. And although some vacationers may choose to attend in order to receive an incentive from the resort, it’s never a requirement as part of a KOALA resort stay. It’s 100% your choice!