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Travel Tips

Hear what one Owner has learned during her solo travels in this vlog.

When packing, there are four separate categories of things to pack:

  1. Clothes. This category includes the obvious items like outfits, pajamas, undergarments and accessories like jewelry and shoes. It also includes specialty clothing such as swimwear, winter or hiking gear, etc.
  2. Toiletries. These items are for personal hygiene and medication, such as shampoos and lotions, and include specialty items like sunblock, bug spray and sanitizing wipes.
  3. Leisure items. Think of this section as supplemental items you may want to take with you, like books or electronics like a portable speaker, tablet or laptop (charging cables included).
  4. Food. This category is relevant if you’re going on a vacation where you’re not planning on dining out. Some examples include going on a trip such as camping or spending a long weekend at a Hilton Grand Vacations property where you can prepare meals conveniently in your suite kitchen. You may need to create a separate packing list around the meals you plan to cook and snacks you want to have on hand. Of course, you can always skip this step and have Hilton Grand Vacations stock your fridge for you.


Within these four categories, create a checklist of things to pack and the amounts needed. I have an ongoing electronic checklist broken down by category to reference while I pack.

This way, I don’t have to spend time overthinking what to pack each time I travel. Also, I tend to keep a bag of toiletries only for travel so that I don’t have to keep packing and unpacking these items between trips.