Travel Tips

The world is awash with dynamic duos — things like peanut butter and jelly or a burger and fries, Bert and Ernie or Mickey and Minnie, and even a mani/pedi or dinner and a movie. But what about a dynamic vacation duo?

If you’ve ever experienced the amazing combination of a land and sea vacation, you know how truly awesome it is. But if you’re a surf and turf newbie, you may need a few pointers to help you get started booking your combination cruise and Club Wyndham resort stay vacation. Here are three travel tips to help get your next surf and turf getaway on the books.

1. Do Some Advance Scouting To Discover The Best Club Wyndham Surf And Turf Combos

The world is your vacation buffet, and the possibilities for how to explore it are endless. Where do you want to go and what do you want to see?

The Caribbean is the quintessential cruise experience, and your options for surf and turf are many. Cruise from Fort Lauderdale and book a few extra nights at Club Wyndham Palm-AireClub Wyndham Santa BarbaraClub Wyndham Sea Gardens, or Club Wyndham Royal Vista.

For alternate Caribbean ports of call, cruise out of Charleston or New Orleans and stay at Club Wyndham Ocean RidgeClub Wyndham King Cotton VillasClub Wyndham Avenue Plaza, or Club Wyndham La Belle Maison.

If the Mexican Riviera, Pacific Coast or Hawaii are more to your liking, cruise out of Los Angeles or San Francisco and stay at Club Wyndham AnaheimClub Wyndham Dolphin’s Cove, or Club Wyndham Canterbury.

On the flip side of the country, if a stately New England and Canada cruise strikes your fancy, cruise out of New York City and make Club Wyndham Midtown 45 your home base.

Want something completely different? Explore your online gallery of resorts for additional surf and turf combos.

2. Always Plan To Arrive A Minimum Of One Day Before Your Cruise Departure Date

Cruising pros will always agree: It’s just too dicey to fly in on the same day your cruise departs. What if your flight is delayed or worse, canceled? What if your airport shuttle gets a flat tire? What if your luggage doesn’t arrive with you? What if you forget Kevin at home alone?

These are worst case scenarios, clearly, but if any of those things happen and your cruise is scheduled to depart that same day, you’ll be waving bon voyage from the dock while your floating paradise heads to sea without you.

Your best bet is to book at least one day’s stay in your departure port, to give you flex time if any of the aforementioned disasters occur. Better yet, book a few extra days and give yourself time to explore and get into vacation mode before you hit the wave pool on your cruise ship’s Lido deck. Your Club Wyndham ownership gives you all the flexibility to do just that, and more.

3. Take Advantage Of Club Wyndham Travel

In case you missed the memo, as a Club Wyndham owner, you have an exclusive full-service travel agency at your beck and call: Club Wyndham Travel. While these travel experts can help you book anything from airfare to rental cars and tours, they are highly knowledgeable about the wide variety of cruises available, as well as the ins and outs of your ownership.

If you have questions, they have answers. If you need help booking, they’ll get you squared away. And if you need advice, they’re better than asking Alexa. And they have an online booking portal, so you can research, book, and go, all without picking up the phone if that’s your preference.

From the sand to the sea, you’re sure to find your surf and turf vacation paradise with Club Wyndham.