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Fun Staycation Ideas for Families

Sometimes you cant get a destination vacation. But who says you need to go anywhere with staycation ideas like this at your fingertips?

Even better, all these ideas work perfectly at our Orlando hotels and resorts, or at any of our wonderful destinations nationwide, that offer so many things to do!

A Home Spa

Wherever you are, you can pamper yourself! Make a home day spa checklist and turn your living space into a spa that tailors to you!

Host a (Streaming) Movie Premiere!

No matter how many people are with you, you can treat yourself to a movie premiere. A lot of movies are debuting online the same day they’re released to theaters, so make your own red carpet event dress up a little, make some popcorn… and know you’ll get the best seat in the house!

Craft An Art Show

Have everyone make an original work of art and host your own ultra-exclusive invitation-only art show. Paint, sculpt, craft… everyone can create their own piece in whatever medium they want.

Attend Karaoke Concerts

Everything from American Idol to The Masked Singer has changed the way we see our music stars and you can continue that tradition by hosting your own karaoke concert. Whether it’s mom and dad crooning some oldies or the kids bringing them up to speed on the modern hits, its an evening of fun to sing your heart out.

Home Fashion Show

Who hasn’t dreamed of strutting on a runway? The family can take turns dressing up in their favorite styles and challenge everyone to come up with a way to describe it as haute couture. For more fun, the family can come up with inventive ideas and see what they can create from whats available.

Every Day a Holiday

Why wait for a reason to celebrate? Turn every day of the week into a celebration and select your favorite holidays to recreate. Who doesn’t want to have a Halloween Wednesday the day before a Thanksgiving Thursday? Sprinkle in a Birthday party or three to space it out. You can turn one week into a tour of fun you usually have to wait a year for, without even leaving the house.

Time Travel

Everyone wonders what it might be like to time travel. So why not create an idealized version of a classic time and enjoy the fashions of the past without any historical down sides, or project yourself into the future to see what you think people might be wearing. Like the home fashion show, let your inner designer out to play!

Story Time

Challenge everyone to come up with a short story – just one or two pages is fine – and have them share it with the group. You might discover some great ideas, and get to know each other even better.

Home Food Festival

Have everyone take a turn making a dish for the day, and enjoy a food festival of favorites… or assign everyone something outside their comfort zone. Even if its just fish sticks and Mac’n’Cheese, you’ll be able to share something you love with those around you.

A World Without

Each day, pick something you all enjoy that would be neat to explore a day without. Put some ideas on a piece of paper and pick them randomly to see if you can make it a day without… something you cant imagine a day without! Maybe it’s a day without cellphones or pretending you’re in a world where TV doesn’t exist. The ideas are endless!

Of course, sometimes the best staycation is a staycation away from home! Westgate Resorts destinations offer perfect staycation opportunities with so many great activities and amenities on property that you don’t even need to leave the resort for an amazing getaway.

All our resorts feature enhanced check-in and cleaning procedures so, whether you’re ready to get out and about or just need a refreshing reset staycation, Westgate Resorts is happy to help you make the most of your staycation adventures.